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Art = Community

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The image above demonstrates one of the most important things that we do at One River School. We recently hosted a Girl Scout group at our location in Allendale, New Jersey. They got to make an art project that celebrated the incredible work of Kara Walker, who is among the most compelling living artists today. Look at this photo!

When I walk into our schools I am often pleasantly reminded that my team is doing great things. I started One River School to provide a fun and compelling contemporary art education experience that would also be convenient and accessible to people of all ages. Today, we are successfully doing this across our 12 schools and our students appreciate the unique nuances of what we do.

But, one of the other things that I was also committed to doing was to connect with people throughout our communities to extend the importance of art education. We partner with schools, nonprofits, community organizations, businesses and artists everywhere to give back to our communities.

Many thanks to our Director Julie Rogers for the great work in Allendale and to my incredible team everywhere for delivering on the promises that I dreamed up eight years ago. Lastly, if you are involved with an organization and want us to help connect them with the arts, hit me directly and I’m happy to facilitate.