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When Music = Art


In the summer of 1982, I was certain that I saw one of the great concerts of all time. The Talking Heads played at the legendary Forest Hills Tennis Stadium and I had a summer job working security for the concert. I was 21 years old and a music fanatic with one semester of college left to go. The place bounced from start to finish with people literally doing cartwheels in the aisle.

This past weekend I reconnected with David Byrne the inspiration behind the Talking Heads. His show, “American Utopia”, is on Broadway and it was one of the most artful and optimistic concert / performances you will ever see. When I saw The Talking Heads live, they were at the peak of their commercial success and when their live concert movie “Stop Making Sense” came out shortly thereafter, everyone was buzzing about them and their unique, artistic flavor.

There is probably no music that puts a smile on my face faster than theirs. The combination of visualizing Byrne’s spastic movements in his MTV videos, combined with omnipresent drum beats, off kilter vocals and hypnotic sounds remain purely differentiated in my lifetime.

Click to watch these videos:

It’s often hard to describe the best art…it just jumps out at you and leaves a lasting impression that changes you. And for me when the performance combines with iconic music, I become a Talking Head about it.