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The Pink Art Project

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One of the things I am most proud of at One River School is our Pink Art Project. Each October our teen students make an original work of art that honors women who have dealt with breast cancer. It is a time when we get to teach art through the lens of life and as we all know, life is complicated and sometimes brings complexities that are hard to put into words … or images.

Our students are tasked with the challenge of demonstrating the courage women display when dealing with breast cancer and the color pink has to be used in some way within their paintings. They work on a deadline over the course of the month and during November we display their work in public spaces around the country.

For the last five years we have executed this project and every time we did so, I was in awe of our students and our staff. The artwork that is produced is compelling and emotional. The lessons learned in the studio are amazing and the experience of exhibiting with their peers provides our teen students with a lasting image of the collective work the school made, while allowing them to share their own individual object and perspective with the world.

Art education is fun for me on so many levels. Sometimes it takes on a much larger role. Teaching life lessons through art is a compelling way to help frame challenges and create awareness. Here’s to all people who have had to tackle breast cancer. We honor you and celebrate your courage in our own way at One River School.