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Arts Education for Everyone


A few weeks ago, I read a report that said that New Jersey was the first state in the country to provide some type of art education for all students. Having raised a family in northeast, NJ after growing up “one river east of here” in NYC, I found myself proud of my adopted state, especially after considering that fact that New Jersey hasn’t always conjured up the most compelling brand image.

But then I found myself wondering why this was considered to be such a great achievement? Why isn’t arts education hard wired into every school’s curriculum? Why does the school budget ultimately require sacrifices in the arts when it may be the most compelling way to build self-esteem and vital skills in children (and adults) of all ages?

This argument has been going on forever and it may just continue forever. But there is one major change that must be considered. There has never been a time in human history where people with visual, spatial multimedia and design skills are more in demand from a career perspective. So, art school is good for you AND good for your career trajectory!

New Jersey’s new slogan: “Move Here…Study Art…Get Paid”

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