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October is the Time to Get Busy

Untitled, 30 November 2010, No. 1, created on an iPad - ©David Hockney
Untitled, 30 November 2010, No. 1, created on an iPad - ©David Hockney

October is upon us and it is the time of the year when I believe we really start to put our heads down to make things happen and focus on our goals. If you are at all like me, your to do list is crazy long and filled with potential frustration. And, in a world of constant noise and online distraction, it is hard to tune out and dial into the things that create joy and fulfillment. Here’s an assignment:

Make a list of all the things you would like to do in the next 30 days. Prioritize that list into three groups: A, B & C. “A’s” are time sensitive or important, “B’s” are next in line and “C’s” can wait till later. Now, tell me how many items in your “A” box will have a sustaining impact on the quality of your life over the next ten years? Hmmm. Most people simply have urgent items in the “A” box but leave out things that align to long term goals like health and happiness.

Book that session with the trainer. Plan a family vacation. Take an art class. Set up a meeting with your accountant or financial adviser. Take a meditation class. Call two friends and set up a dinner. Find two new books to read and knock one out now. Taker a guitar lesson…you get the drift.

We all get stuck living in the moment and we forget that long term progress requires identifying and executing the steps along the way. Your investment in your health and well-being is the MOST important thing of all and you need to get the ball rolling in October, so that you set the right things in motion now that will ensure that fall brings positive momentum that grows into the new year.