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Ric and Roll


Special things are undeniable. Whether it is visual art or music, the best work jumps out at you and sticks with you. That’s how I felt about The Cars when I heard their music for the first time. So sad to hear of Ric Ocasek’s passing and I want to share some Monday Thoughts about how his art made a difference in my life with some live videos from 1978 the year they broke.

In 78, I left home and went to college far away with the same trepidation that most freshman have. While I appeared confident on the exterior, I was searching to find my way and music was the calming agent for me. The Cars are forever etched in my soul because that record came out right at that time and it helped introduce a new genre…new wave would usher in bands like The Police, The Pretenders, U2 and more over the next few years.

The first album they released titled “The Cars”, quickly ran up the charts and everyone fell in love with “Just What I Needed” and “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend”. For me, the hottest song was “Good Times Roll” … the song had a very cool, punky, new wave guitar at the top and a funky vocal groove that was undeniably Ric Ocasek with a hint of Bowie. The boy sounded and looked cool!

There is so much we learn about ourselves through the creative experiences we live. Whether you are making it or consuming it, I believe that people require engagement in things that challenge our senses and expand our capacity to think differently. In 1978, The Cars were just what I needed.