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Letting Go

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As we move from summer into fall, there are so many things that we all are dealing with today. The world is complicated and noisy…quite often when I talk with people these days, they are overwhelmed and fearful. My natural orientation is to guide people to look through another lens and focus on what they can control. This allows them to shift their perspective and perhaps add some “gratitude to change their attitude”.

The same thing happens when students try to get their creative juices flowing, but struggle letting go of things running through their heads. What happens is they don’t generate their best artwork because these interruptions act as a distraction and prevent them from getting into the natural flow where their most creative output comes from.

We all need to be more selfish about our thinking. Stress is a function of your state of mind and if you don’t take an active role in weaving in positive thinking, it can have an impact on your health and the people around you. Switch gears and catch your negative thoughts and stomp on them. Take this attitude into the studio when you are doing creative things.

Let go of negative thinking. You will be happier and have more creative outcomes in the studio and positive outcomes in life.