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My Eyes Are Fixed on Creative Expression

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 4.04.34 PM

I often walk through our schools and get stopped in my tracks by an artwork on the wall or in a studio that demonstrates profound skill and creative expression. Last week it happened during my visit to Millburn, NJ. The image that you see above is from our Teen Manga class and this artwork is displayed in a shadow box that frames the work and adds a sense of seriousness to it.

When I see an object like “Fix My Eyes”, I am moved by the creative and serious outcome. I am proud that we are succeeding in become an art school that helps to generate great artwork. But as an educator and someone who deeply cares about the development of Teens and Kids, I also know the work that has gone into this and the long-term developmental benefits that come with it.

I am so proud of our teacher in this case Viviana Maciel and all of our educators because their commitment is what helps to drives excellence and the soulful / caring experience that One River strives for. This fall we are hoping to see thousands of new students, Teens, Kids and Adults, step up and try One River School for the first time. I am certain that we have what it takes to drives creative expression in all of them.