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The Purpose of One River


This morning we kicked off another week of summer camps across our twelve locations and I rushed into our school in Englewood, NJ to deal with a minor crisis.  My friend texted me to tell me he was in the hospital and his son was starting his first camp today with the typical trepidation that seven-year old boys have when they are attending a new group situation and don’t know anyone in the room.  I got to the school and quickly made sure Damian was in a good place.

After we broke the ice, I started to learn that he has a real sense of curiosity and it allowed me to tap into a page of my playbook that is at the root of the purpose of One River.  I believe we have a chance to change people…if we can teach them to think differently and challenge them to execute, I am certain we will help people tap into the true essence of who they are.  There are no boundaries to our brains…but quite often there are boundaries to our environment.  I take great pride in the fact that we are stretching the boundaries to stretch people’s capacity.

You see, at the root of it all, I am passionately curious.  In some situations, it is a curse but in the middle of my life I found the vehicle to help others to accelerate their own creative development.  And, “fun” is at the root of it.  Because when you are relaxed, the brain is in a better place to move laterally and that’s when I believe the best creative work gets done.