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Invest In What You Love

Above Image -
Paintings by Ben Cowen
One River School Larchmont
Above Image - Paintings by Ben Cowen One River School Larchmont

Last week there was a story that said the best collectible category for return on investment was what? Rare Whisky! Wow, who would have thought that? Over the last few years we have seen a tremendous boost in Baby Boomers / Gen X’s buying wine, watches, cars and many other things. Years ago, people used to invest in gold as a hedge to investing in the stock market…things have really changed!

About eight years ago I started to collect contemporary art because I became motivated to support younger / emerging artists who were at the beginning stages of their careers. In fact, the New York Times wrote about it a couple years ago. It is my belief that so many artists quit their practice because the early stages are so hard and I wanted to do good by providing a bit of support to this collective group. Then a switch went off and I realized how much I love having interesting imagery in my house. I am not interested in the economics of selling art because I have never done so … I consume it, but unlike wine, the bottles never go empty!

Take a look at our school’s exhibitions…they are highly curated with artists who I believe offer the best way possible for you to explore an interest in collecting art, supporting artists and changing the dynamic of your home. And, if you really want to know about the economics, according to Knight Frank, art grew in value by 158% over the last ten years.

Invest in Art Because it Changes Lives…Yours and the Artists You Support!