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Summertime in Connecticut!

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The month of June brings us the end of a school year, graduations, proms, and the shift of seasons from Spring to Summer. It also brings us our first One River School location in Connecticut! Located at 833 Post Road East in Westport, our twelfth location is a summer celebration for the One River family and will usher in our amazing summer camps and unique blend of art & design classes for a community that has already demonstrated a real interest in us.

I am also especially proud that we will kick off our program with an exhibition of new paintings from JJ Manford. In my opinion, JJ is among the most compelling painters in America and many of One River’s web pages and materials are lined with hyper details from his works. Check out his Instagram page…in today’s contemporary artworld, emerging art doesn’t get much better than JJ’s. If you are interested in learning more about JJ and his artwork, write me directly…I can’t say enough about what it is like to live with his work in my home.

As we move toward our 7th anniversary, I am especially grateful that we have attracted so many smart and committed professionals to work for us. Alyson Luck, our new Director in Westport is a testament to the type of people who are shifting careers to help us build the most compelling art & design programs. Alyson spent the last 10+ years managing the education programs at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and she is also a native of Westport who is going home to do something special…manage a compelling art program in her community!

Summertime…it’s an exciting moment for One River School and we honor our students, staff and communities as we continue to grow and provide an important service for the world.