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After Graduation: Lifelong Creative Learning

idea solution bulb human man head brain concept illustration art
idea solution bulb human man head brain concept illustration art

Every time I logged into Facebook this weekend, I saw countless friends and acquaintances celebrating college graduations with their children. It is a special time and a moment to honor these kids who have grown into adulthood and this rite of passage finally puts the books behind them and brings “real life” challenges to the forefront of their lives.

At the same time, there is something perplexing about this moment and one that I think about given the fact that I have spent the last 15 years in creative education. While technical and vocational skills are paramount for making a living, how does one continue to develop themselves? What personal growth plan do people put in place to grow their work skills AND their creative side to help prepare for the complex problem solving requirements that life generates.

“Lifelong Creative Learning” is a term that I have developed and it at the center of what I care about most. It’s not just for little kids and older adults, it is equally important for those who are 20-60 years old as well and I am certain that the next decade will create a movement around this. I have become a major advocate for Art and Music and I recommend it to everybody. At the same time, creative opportunities come in so many ways…find your niche and carve out regular time.

Exercise your brain via creative learning…and do it throughout your lifetime.