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One River Team

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When I visit our schools, the most common thing I hear is: “we love coming here because we are having fun and really learning”. That is always followed up by: “you have the nicest people working here”. What more can I say? I am so grateful to have such a committed team and I sincerely hope that we grow into the best place to work in the arts. This is in our mission statement and I think about it everyday.

Last week we celebrated Cameron Welch with our 1st ever Emerging Art Award and it gave me a chance to get our New York area talent together in a room to embrace this moment. We honored Cameron and I had a chance to thank and honor our team. This is a special group that is building schools in their communities offering the most compelling experience and service.

The most important things for me are identifying talented, art-centric people to work for One River and providing them with a unique place to work, grow and love their professional experience. This essential quality allows us to deliver the most transformative experience for our students.

Thanks to my amazing team…from Portland, OR, to Chicago, IL, to Dallas, TX, to the tri-state area. Our mission is clear and we are continuing to look for great talent to join our team and help us grow.