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Summer Camps

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When I started One River, I was hoping to build a fun art school that provided compelling experiences. Having said that, I also thought we could create really special summer camps that would give Teens and Kids unique experiences that allowed parents to invest in their growth and development. But, never in my wildest dreams did I envision our camps to become what they are…the most innovative creative camps in the country.

There is such a need for Teens and Kids to break away from the norm in the summer and if they are staying near home, where do you find something special for them? Please check out our menu! Weekly camps run from mid June through end of August, with over 70 innovative camps. Half day sessions are offered in the morning and afternoon.

We offer programs for all ages and all skill levels. Advanced Teen Programs in Art, Game Design and Animation are among the options. Teens who are simply looking for something fun can choose from an abundance of options like Street Art Painting. Kids can take Comic Book Illustration or learn to paint Watercolor Underworlds.

The best part of summer is students come here every day a week at a time and they build their creative skills while making new friends. That’s what Summer Camp at One River is all about.