Channel Your Ideas

channel ideas mt image

The other day I was talking to a friend who was telling me about a new business concept that he had and I was astounded with the creativity that went into conceptualizing it.  Once we got past the “why”, we got deeper into the discussion about “how”.  How would he take the product to market and sequence through the proper steps?   

Artmaking and entrepreneurship are both about concept…but they are also about execution.  I love the learning and problem solving that comes with making art and I believe wholeheartedly that practicing art helps you channel ideas that work in the studio, business and in life.  There are also tools that you can use in all cases to test your plans and refine your processes so that you are maximizing the likelihood of your intended outcome.

Back to my buddy.  His ideas are so conceptually strong but the totality of what he was trying to do was not well thought out.  He started to lose me when I asked about execution and process.  We worked together and built a “mind map” to channel his ideas, channel his priorities and channel his plans.

Creative ideas are vital…channeling them is paramount to achieving goals in the studio and in life.