Nice People Make a Real Difference

Networking+For+Nice+People+Manifesto (1)

A few weeks ago, I was working behind the counter at our school in Englewood, NJ, when one of our regular members came in. After chatting for a while, I asked her “how are things going here for you and your kids”? She said “they were in love with One River” and then she hit me with the most simple and compelling complement by saying: “you hire the nicest people”.

I have reflected on that so many times and once again I had a chance to reflect on it yesterday. David Brooks wrote a piece in yesterdays NY Times called “Students Learn From People They Love” and I was astounded because he raised the bar on us from “like” to “love”! Read this article. It talks specifically about the role that “trust” plays in the relationship of teacher to student and it is one that I speak about all the time.

Years ago I was turned on to a simple statement by Steven Covey that probably pops into my head everyday: “The Best Way To Be Understood is to Be Understanding”. This is code for “its not about you its about them”. I think about this everyday at One River. How do we make this about the student? How do we build a special bond and trust so that we can create the most profoundly creative experience possible?

The correlation in education between learning and trust is a perfect one. And building a team of people who truly care is a perfect goal for me at One River.