Creativity and Aging

Creativity and Aging One River Sessions

One of the things that I have been studying, which also happens to be a substantial part of the book I am writing, is “why do some people in middle age thrive while others decline”? There are countless theories and a lot of obvious elements that make up the general health and well-being snapshot for humans. But, what I am searching for is this: can doing creative things enhance happiness and develop tools that help with aging?

The answer is a resounding yes! Middle age and old age are a blurred line today and this recent, fantastic story from the New York Times confirms it. We are who we perceive we are and the challenges of life will become more difficult if your brain doesn’t continue to grow and evolve. Another great story in the Herald supports all of my beliefs as well. Body and mind are connected and health, happiness and optimism can be influenced through creativity.

Painting, drawing and other art making activities are not only fun and calming, they actually help you grow and strengthen your system. Classes also communal… you do this around others with similar interests and build new connections and friends. We just launched Art Sessions, which starts next month and is a unique method One River created that beginners and experienced students will love. I urge you to give it a try.

Wanna think and feel differently? Carve out time to do creative things.