Tyree Guyton

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For 30 years, Tyree Guyton has shared his Heidelberg Project and tried to shed some light on the urban blight of Detroit and the role art can play in creating hope. Now the artworld is sharing back.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit has celebrated Tyree with an exhibition this fall that runs till January 9th and this past weekend, Tyree’s artwork was on display at Martos Gallery at the NADA Art Fair in Miami where he was among the most talked about artists of the week.

Three years ago I visited Heidelberg with my family and was completely moved by the experience. Having grown up in New York in the 70’s, I experienced urban decay first hand, but I had never seen anything like what Tyree did to reimagine the streets of his neighborhood and to create a positive oasis in the middle of a part of Detroit that had been decimated.

It is so great to see Tyree’s artwork in the context of other contemporary artists. The Heidelberg Project may be one of the most compelling site specific installations of all time and he is the inspiration behind the magic.