The Joy of Sharing

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Look at this photo. Need I say more? This past Friday I caught these proud Moms reflecting on the artwork their daughters made last week and I couldn’t help but to be moved by the joy on their faces.

For six years I have been talking about the “Joy of Doing” and I constantly sneak up on students and snap candid pictures of them hard at work. But, once in awhile I stop people when they are reflecting on their artwork and sharing it with others. And, when I get parents of kids in the shot, “The Joy of Sharing” becomes such a bonus because you can just feel the pride on everyone face!

That’s what art making is about. It is a personal thing that we do for our own reasons and it speaks to us in a way in that simply makes us feel good. But, when we can share and reflect on what we did with our families and friends, it is a blessing.

Sharing emotion and sharing joy through art making at One River.