Summer Vacation

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According to Wikipedia, the concept of summer vacation in America is tied to our root as an agrarian society. The farming calendar determined the school calendar and the 2-3 month break between planting and harvesting created the summer break. This traditional calendar continues through today and undoubtedly as we approach the end of July, summer vacations are now in full swing.

There’s no doubt that summer vacation is a chance to spend time with family and friends, travel and take on some new recreational things. I think of summer vacations as a chance to refresh and recharge the battery. Our modern society pushes us so hard on such a consistent basis that the downtime is required therapy and a chance to let go for a bit. For me, it’s also a chance to think. I always begin my year with a detailed set of goals and take some quiet time at the mid year window to reflect and reset priorities.

Where are you at right now? How has 2018 progressed for you? I don’t want to add pressure, but I also know that when you are on the grind it is so hard to look at your roadmap and rethink your path. Now is the time to do so. Take one hour the first day of your vacation to simply note what’s working, not working and what three priorities (personal and professional) you want to spend more time on for the balance of the year. When you are back in the saddle, you can look at your lists and start to prioritize your time relative to your new priorities.

Summer is about finding time to relax. It’s also about harvesting growth in the fall and you have to plant the right seeds now for that to happen.