Our Summer Camps Rock!

One River Creative Summer Art Camps

When I started One River, I always envisioned that we would develop great summer camps that would allow Teens and Kids to have a fun and really cool experience learning contemporary art and other creative concepts that they didn’t have access to anywhere else. We succeeded beyond my wildest imagination.

This summer we are teaching thousand of students across eight schools the widest variety of art & design courses and creative camps. I have been observing the end of week shows that pay homage to our students. At those events on Friday’s, each of our individual camp instructors and their students present their outcomes from their projects to the other camp students and parents who join for each presentation. What a great interactive experience!

I have shared some photos from this past Friday in Allendale, NJ. It is so cool to know that at the same time across the country, students and parents in all of our schools were sharing the same experience.

Summer camp is still just getting started so take a look at our menu for our weekly summer camp programs here.

One River Creative Summer Art Camps