Clown Smile

Art Savvy One River School Art Education

Sometimes my wife accuses me of having a clown smile. Although it is not the most attractive description, I am aware of the turned up corners my mouth makes when I smile ear to ear.

This past Saturday, I was clown smile in full bloom. One of our newest schools, located in Larchmont, NY, held its first student show and I couldn’t help but feel the joy in the room. There were kids participating in a group art project, adults doing a little find and seek project, students of all ages walking around proudly demonstrated their completed artworks and me taking in all in with a big old smile that simply said “I am proud”.

More so than ever before, I can feel the pleasure people get out of making art. I call this “the joy of doing”. But, there is nothing like looking at what you made, reflecting on what went into making it and describing the work with others. It is so cool to see that happening at our student exhibitions and I call this “the joy of sharing”.

The image I used is a detail from an artwork created by 4th grader Eddie Rice. Eddie worked on a storyboarding project within our “Digital Art Shuffle” class for kids.