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Artist Profile: Alicia Adamervoich

Pool Table / 2017 / Graphite on paper / 46 x 30”
Pool Table / 2017 / Graphite on paper / 46 x 30”

Alicia Adamerovich is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BA in Graphic Design from Penn State in 2013.  Alicia’s drawings and paintings reference beauty and function in peculiar ways that constantly peak my attention.

I first came across Alicia’s work this spring in the New York City Crit Club, which I co-direct with Hilary Doyle. Initially, I was attracted to her sense of line and value as avenues to shift mood and perception. The weight of her lines is sensitive and specific to the subjects and their environment. Cropped images that house her beautiful, yet uncomfortable subjects of women, hair, and furniture keep me on my toes.

Svetlana, 2018, graphite on paper, 10 x 13 inches

What I admire about Alicia’s work is its commitment and consistency, while maintaining an open language. She is constantly working towards improvement and takes chances on her new paintings, compositions and narratives. There is something sort of sci-fi and creepy about her drawings which make me question function and beauty while looking at them.

Svetlana, 2018, graphite on paper, 10 x 13 inches

Heidi, 2018, graphite on paper, 10 x 13 inches

The idea that furniture can become a person or can mimic human form is a larger question than one may initially think. The history of furniture and legs becoming contemporary with Alicia’s drawings and paintings is surprising, and it makes me curious to see what matters to her and how it will develop over time in her young career.

I encourage you to follow Alicia along and watch her work grow and evolve.  As far as I can see, her future is bright and heading in a new and interesting direction.

Predator, 2018, acrylic and oil, 24 x 24 inches