Art Making is a Super-Food for the Brain

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This past weekend I spent my time celebrating the grand opening of our new school in Evanston, IL by doing what I love to do the most: listening to people tell stories about what art-making does for them and their kids.  I heard countless tales about how much joy people get from tapping into their creative sensibilities and how happy it makes them feel.  I also heard how desperate people were to find an inspirational place to study at, and I am thrilled that we are now filling this void there.

As my journey continues and as we expand One River, there is no doubt that teens and kids everywhere will fall in love with One River.  But, I also remain so excited to see more and more adults giving us a try.  As we get older, adaptability is perhaps the most important trait towards insuring a high quality of life. We used to think that the brain stopped growing at a certain age. The truth is, research clearly shows that our brains will grow and form new pathways as long as we feed them the right things– new and different creative tasks are Super-Foods for the brain.

The more I talk with adults and ask them “what does it feel like to make art?”, the more definitive the findings are.  Their responses range from: “relaxing, fun, mind-expanding, motivating, challenging, interesting” … even “I’m growing” or “I’m learning.”

This ain’t no drug…just a fantastic Super-Food that you can only appreciate by jumping in and doing it.