Why Does This Royal Wedding Matter More?


Having watched Prince Harry and his brother William grow up in the aftermath of their mom’s death, I am astounded at how they have helped to close the gap between the monarchy and the everyday man. I was always so impressed with Diana’s intent to raise her kids in a way that would keep them in touch with the real world and it’s now apparent that all of her early nurturing has paid off.

These boys grew up with the glow that John Kennedy Jr. had in the US. They were all handsome, ambitious, emotionally connected and living a real life, despite the fact that they were also part of a parochial structure that expected them to be perfect. In Harry’s case, he has seemed to truly transcend all that we have ever wanted from someone from the royal family… a genuine ability to connect with others.

This ability allowed him to sweep up this beautiful, smart, cultured bi-racial young lady Meghan Markle. In one fell swoop, Harry has made the greatest endorsement to “acceptance” by marrying someone who is also American and clearly not out of the central casting of the royal family. Perhaps this is insignificant for many, but for me it is quite meaningful. In a time when we are so divided it is so amazing to see this union take shape, and hopefully it can extend a message that allows us all to really look at people’s character as the defining aspect of who they are.

Just a thought about the world through the royal lens on a Monday morning…