Mid Career Change…Continuing Education


One of the things I am interested in is the decision to switch career paths. When it is well-thought-out and orchestrated, it can be a powerful one. On the other hand, it can be challenging and filled with potholes that can cause financial and emotional duress. So how does one know whether they should make a “big career change” or just grind through doing the same old routine?

The basic answer is that it is not that simple to figure out. Like all big decisions, the process that you apply to making those decisions is as important as the information you consider. Somewhere between a quick gut decision and a long strategic analysis lies the proper process, and given my training and career journey, I am somewhat convinced that I have the material knowhow and experience to help shed some light on this.

Next fall we will begin to offer a whole bunch of new programs at One River. We will have adult lecture-based classes that are built to help provide foundational tools and information for people looking to broaden their knowledge in the following areas: career, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, art history, art collecting and more.

I always envisioned that we could be a place that brought adults together to help them learn more about life’s possibilities and we are now ready to move this forward. Let me know if you have any personal interests that you think would be a welcome subject for continuing education classes, we just may build a program around your idea.