Careers In The Arts


Why are we drawn to a career in the arts? Is it the mission OR purpose? Is it the avoidance of “corporate America”? Is it the notion of doing something that makes us feel better about ourselves? In some respects, my path was not traditional because the first twenty years of my career wasn’t art focused until I made a change into music education during my fourties. Once I made that shift, it became plainly evident that this was the path that I should have taken long ago, but didn’t have the opportunity to do so.

I point this out because we are clearly at a crossroads in America today.  A vast percentage of people are in careers and jobs that do not provide the fulfillment that they are looking for. This gap is one of the greatest stressors that we know of. It is the break between “purposeful commitment” and “required commitment” that most people can’t seem to wrap their head around. They often ask “if only I can find that job that I would love to do, I would leave in a minute,” but these quiet ponderings are often followed up with a shift back into deadlines and tasks that blur the brain into forgetting the goals, dreams and ambitions that speak to our hearts.

Maybe my path is actually representative of the path that people need to take.  It is about finding yourself, establishing your career, having a family or doing “what you have to do”. Then, at some point, it becomes about doing “what you want to do”.  Recreating yourself is not that hard if you can find the entry point and build a thoughtful, time-stamped commitment. I know this first hand because I did it, and have influenced several of my peers to do it as well.

One River School is trying to become the “best place to work in the arts” and as we open schools across America we will be creating a tremendous number of new opportunities in the space.  For those who are more independent and looking for business ownership, our franchise program at One River School may be the most compelling option of all.  When we created franchising at School of Rock, we helped numerous professionals successfully take the leap into business ownership.

No matter how you explore your “career shift,” if the arts matter to you and you are ready to embrace a new path, I am personally happy to help. Email me and I will help you explore your “five primary drivers” to help you figure out whether a career in the arts is for you.

Think hard about your career and if the arts are a passion for you. We get plenty of chances to shift gears. You just have to listen to that voice and explore to find a path that speaks to you. And when you do, go after it.