New Documentary Film Course

I love documentary films on so many levels. The simplicity to the story telling and the “everyman” subject matter often connects with me. I have sat and watched documentaries about artists, athletes, politicians and topics as diverse as our food supply and scaling Everest. Our first summer at One River we rolled out a documentary film class and asked students to bring a personal topic to class.

Here’s a range of subjects that we covered that year: “The Armenian Holocaust”, “The History of the NY Rangers”, ‘Is Cheerleading a Sport?” among others. This camp allowed us to begin to teach filmmaking without the challenges of acting and scenery etc… and the results were amazing.

This fall we will roll out a new ambitious nine month Teen Documentary Filmmaking class that will culminate in short documentary films via small groups of students. We will hold screenings including our first film festival and we will show these worldwide online at our new branded website.

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Documentary Film for Teens…three part course, small groups, screening and online film festival.

One River Film School… has a nice ring to it!

Matt Ross
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