Nature is Art

It is that simple. Whenever I slow down a bit and reconnect with the outdoors, I am reminded of two things. How much better I feel and how much my brain responds to the visual stimuli of the outdoor.

Given the technology available to us today, it is so easy to create highly credible photography of the environment. Ansel Adams may be rolling in his grave, but the current capabilities of the iPhone and iPhoto have given people so much potential to capture the beauty of the world in front of them.

The picture above is an Ansel Adams photo. Click here to see some simple shots I took last week in Aspen. If you want to get in on this, email me some landscape / outdoors photos that you are proud of and I will share them.

And, you don’t need to go to Colorado to connect with nature so get outside and enjoy the pure art that is all around us.

Matt Ross
#MondayThoughts #OneRiverSchool

image above:
Ansel Adams, 1942
The Tetons and the Snake River