Artist Spotlight: Daniel Rios Rodriguez

Daniel Rios Rodriguez is one of my favorite artists and I want to tell you a bit about him in our latest Artist Spotlight.  I stumbled on his work at an art fair in 2012. I bought two small paintings and reached out to him to tell him that I just opened an art school and wanted to show his work. Daniel became the first solo exhibition we ever presented at One River and I am thrilled to tell you about the amazing progress he has made in his art journey.

Daniel has a solo show right now in NYC! And, it is with one of my favorite galleries in the world Nicelle Beauchene. His artwork is so cool…and idiosyncratic. They are these small, interesting and odd mixed-media objects that reflect stories from growing up in San Antonio and the landscape of the surroundings areas. Last year Daniel had a show in Chicago that was reviewed by Art in America and his work is now being consumed by curators and major collectors…and it is still affordable so go check it out!

I am thrilled that One River is playing a real role in creating a narrative for emerging artists. At our core, we care about and celebrate artists and we are thrilled to see people like Daniel cut through the clutter in a deeply challenging space.  There has never been a time where more living artists are making work and sharing it in so many places…online and in galleries.  Support artists because they make our world a fundamentally more enjoyable place.   They also give you a chance to reflect on your life and the times we live in via there outcomes.  And, of course, take a cool art class!

Daniel Rios Rodriguez On View at Nicelle Beauchene through May 21, 2017
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Matt Ross
Founder & CEO