Monday Thoughts: Bad Weather…Make Art!

Why do we freak out about the weather? Sometime ago, people would set out by land or sea and get utterly crushed by the unpredictable force of nature. Today, we track weather models a good 15 days in advance with amazing certainty. So, what is it about us and our brain that can’t handle an impending storm with calm?

I think it gets at control. We simply can’t control weather like we can’t control father time. Our whole life is built to try to develop as much control over our lives and when we have to turn that control over to some external force it smacks us in the face of our basic needs. Let it go…and try to apply this to other things in your life that you have less control over.

One of the best ways to deal with this is to find outlets that teach a meditative way of living…yoga, art, music and many other hobbies allow you to slow down, block out the disruptions and maximize the right chemical balance in your brain. They also provide rewarding benefits like friendship, personal growth and a focus on being positive…the key driver of happiness…thinking positively.

Old man winter is gonna blow…get out your drawing pad and chill. You’ll be happier.

Matt Ross
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