Caroline Larsen Exhibition

Next Sunday we open a new exhibition at One River School Englewood with artwork from Caroline Larsen. Caroline lives in Brooklyn by way of Toronto, Canada and she is doing some things with paint that you simply have to see.

When you first look at Caroline’s paintings, you think they are woven…perhaps embroidered. But, when you take a look up close something really cool reveals itself. The intricate and somewhat obsessive lines are made with acrylic paint and they are somehow “drawn” in tight lines as if they are squeezed from a tube. The end result is a buildup of paint in so many layers that it creates a rich and incredibly textured surface.

Caroline is going to join us this Sunday from 1-3PM and I urge you to stop in. We are blessed to have some of the greatest emerging artists in the world exhibit their work at One River AND spend time with us in person. You will be amazed by this artwork…I hope to see you this Sunday.

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 29th 1-3PM
Exhibition Dates: January 29 – March 5, 2017


Matt Ross