Monday Thoughts: Digital Art Rocks!

When we started One River School four years ago I was trying to figure out how to create a cool place in suburbia that made learning digital art fun. DONE…we have taught thousands of students and I believe we are becoming the first choice for innovative art classes in Bergen County.

I also wanted to explore new ways to teach Digital Art and our Digital Art Shuffle class is quickly becoming the coolest place for Kids, Teens and Adults to explore an entirely new experience in art making. Click here and check out some of the work we have done. It is really inspiring because we mesh traditional drawing skills with technology that allows students to intuitively make artworks that are influenced by digital manipulation.

Our plan is to develop more classes on top of our core programs in digital art, animation and photography. Digital Art Rocks and we are pioneering a new way to make it fun and compelling at One River!

Matt Ross
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