Teen Artist – Naim Byrd


Monday Thoughts: Naim Byrd

Inside the walls of One River School, we talk about creating the next generation of great artists. Let me introduce you to Naim Byrd.

Naim is from Englewood and has been with us for three years. At 17 years old, Naim has amazing drawing skills along with a deeply creative mind for developing characters and stories. Like so many young artists, Naim was enamored with comics growing up and has done a great job learning painting and other techniques that have helped to broaden his range dramatically.

Naim is part of a small group of young artists who are in our Art Effect program. This fall we will be taking their work to five cities to demonstrate our unique method for teaching art and to share the new bodies of work they created. Check out this video with Naim talking about one of his works in progress.

I get my greatest joy from watching people grow up and watching their creative spirit develop. Naim, thanks for doing your thing with us here at One River School.

Matt Ross
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