Story Telling

Monday Thoughts: Story Telling

No matter what the medium, I am always searching for the underlying story.  Sometimes it hits you right in the face and other times it requires you to dig deeper.  Over the last few years, I have found myself more and more interested in documentary films, a medium where the film maker has a very specific story to tell and the art-form is determined by their ability to draw you in emotionally so that you can develop a personal connection to the specific story at hand.

Last week we had five of the coolest teen students take our first short film class and it was one of the highlights of our first summer here.  The range of topics were amazing: we covered everything from the Armenian Holocaust to the History of the New York Rangers.  Other topics included the geopolitical situation in Zimbabwe, a piece that convincingly expresses why gymnastics is a sport and a look at the current British Invasion (Check out Rene Spiewak’s film and commentary here).
We will be sharing the rest of our short films over the next few weeks.  And, we are super excited to teach Documentary Short again this fall.  In fact, a new bell has gone off in my head because I think I found the medium that I want to invest some personal time in too.  Lights, camera, action!
Tuesday, August 6, 2013