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Art Inspired

I’m art inspired.  Don’t know how I got there but I look at art now and hear music.  When I was younger like a lot of us I would obsessively listen to music for hours on end.  What I didn’t know is that what seemed so basic…this love for sound…was something that was really rooted in brain wiring and chemistry.

A few years ago when I was CEO of School of Rock and building this really cool business that was having an impact on many people, someone turned me onto a book called “Your Brain on Music” by Daniel Levitin.  (  Daniel is a Neuroscientist and wrote this fascinating book that describes the brain’s response to music and why we develop the passion we do for sound.

This year Nobel prize winning Neuroscientist Eric Kandel wrote a book called “The Age of Insight” and he explains some of the same phenomena that occurs in the brain when you engage visual art.  Some time ago, a switch went off in my head and all of a sudden I became aware that visual art today was providing the type of experience for me that music always provided.  At that moment I began to consume art via museums, books and started to collect art with the goal of doing something special with it.

Yesterday we opened a new exhibition at One River Gallery titled “Love” that presents abstract painting from a group of artists who are intimately involved in today’s art scene.  About a year ago I met a young artist named Josh Abelow and bought his work at Art Basel in Miami (if you are not aware, this is an annual art fair in December that attracts the best artists and collectors from across the globe).  I fell in love with his simple, colorful paintings and got to know him as well.   Josh curates an online blog ( and he is in the mix with the hottest young artists in NYC curating shows.  Here we are a year later and Josh and Steven Truax have curated our show ( and it rivals anything you will see in NYC, Berlin or London right here in Englewood.  This work is all investment grade, most of it early in the curve and simply beautiful.

Stop in and check it out…take your time, put your IPOD on and take in the work.  It’s like eating good food, when you swallow it whole, not as good.  When you chew it, swallow it and savor it, the flavor really kicks in.

Sunday, November 11, 2012