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Storm Thoughts

Not sure I had to look the definition for the term “storm”, but given what we went through I thought I would see what Mr. Wikipedia had to say:

“A storm (Proto-Germanic *sturmaz “noise, tumult”) is any disturbed state of an astronomical body’s atmosphere, especially affecting its surface, and strongly implying severe weather.”  Well, not exactly how I would have described it, but I couldn’t write this week about what we are doing here without acknowledging the insane week we have all lived through and the thanks we should have for the time that we have peace.”

One of the main reasons One River was created is to give people a break from their stuff: things to do, anxiety about life, etc., and I feel strongly that in times of crises and stress the best way to deal with these things is to find ways to escape AND do something productive.  By the way, it can be a million things…for me, doing something creative…viewing something creative…listening to something creative…eating something creative and being with people I care about do the trick.

You may not know a lot about me but if you read these weekly notes you will come to learn more.  I have a 17 yo boy with Autism and the early road was brutal.  At the time, the number one thing that I did to relax was learn to play the guitar.  It didn’t relax my wife…she had to listen to me “playing” (we can call it that for now) and singing (I sounded like a drunken Neil Young run over by a car).  I’m a little better today (so says my wife…in my mind I could play MSG) but looking back it really did create a refuge for me.

I hope that we can provide that escape for the community and provide a lasting, cool, fun creative experience for many.  This month we go live with new digital classes and many workshops…hope you will jump in.  In early 2013 we will launch an ambitious continuing education platform of digital media programs and cool lecture based classes.  We will be packaging digital classes allowing you to buy a “bundle” or earn a certificate with new professional skills under your belt.  Information will be out in the next couple of weeks.

I’m still out of power and I am sure many of you are still struggling.  Chill out and find some peace.  If you want, stop in and I will sing you a song.

Monday, November 5, 2012