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ART EFFECT… What’s This All About???

Our first student exhibition is going to happen at the end of the year and we are calling it Art Effect.    For the first time at One River, our students begin the task of creating art with the goal in mind of sharing it publicly with others.

It is my belief that we should periodically be doing this for many reasons.  It allows us to create a snapshot at a moment in time for the work our students are able to produce and to compare it at later times to demonstrate progress through time stamped reference points.  It also allows us to create a sense of purpose with a very concrete goal in mind.  While we will continue to teach fundamentals, this is akin to getting a song down right and getting on stage to play it…a great confidence building moment.  Our students benefit by having to focus their efforts in a window of time and make decisions that impact results.

The “effects” of working to create a show are that the inspiration grows, the reference points get stronger, the deadlines and timeline create focus and artists simply get better.

The event will run from 12/28-1/6 and we will be talking about this much more over the next few months.

Saturday, November 3, 2012