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The Investment

We’ve already opened a number of One River Schools of Art and Design, and we have a good understanding of the associated costs. Most franchisees will be able to open their doors with an initial investment of $153,500 to $449,600. This investment will cover just about everything it takes to get started, including grand opening advertising, the one-time initial franchise fee, real estate costs, and inventory. For a full breakdown of the total initial investment, contact us and request a copy of the franchise disclosure document! Once we know more about the area you’d like to operate in, we can provide you with a more precise estimation of the costs.


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Regardless of factors like location, the one-time initial franchise fee to open a One River School of Art and Design is $45k. Our franchisees have access to a comprehensive training program and a host of resources that make it easier than ever to keep their franchise running smoothly. This one-time fee helps to offset some of the costs associated with these programs.

In order to manage the initial investment without significantly impacting their lifestyle, prospective franchisees should have a net worth of around $500k with liquid assets totaling $250k. We’ve found that franchisees with this level of financial stability are better able to nurture their business during the early months while they’re still establishing a customer base.

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