One River School Spotlight: Jonathan Stafford

jon headshot

Jonathan Stafford joined the One River School corporate team back in August 2017 as the Marketing Coordinator in Englewood, NJ. Originally from Poughkeepsie, NY, Jonathan had an interest in art from a young age, taking multiple photography classes and having his work featured in the US Capitol as part of the Congressional Art Competition. This sparked his decision to study Arts Management at Purchase College, SUNY where he graduated in December 2016. His interest in digital and social media marketing is influenced by the ever-changing technology that our society is absorbed by. Right out of college, Stafford knew he wanted to be working for a company where he would be able to blend his digital experience background with the arts.

“My background in arts management gave me a strong foundation for a broad introduction into business models and managerial roles in the nonprofit and commercial sectors. It gave me the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to advance careers within the global arts, entertainment, and creative industries,” says Stafford.

At One River, Jonathan oversees the company’s website and e-commerce platform for all locations, as well as assisting with global social media strategy on Instagram and Facebook. He assists in training new employees on learning new software and social media content strategy. His interest in working for One River was due to its mission- becoming the voice of contemporary art in communities across America.

“Everyone in America has a right to produce art, but also have a space to do so and One River is giving students and adults that platform to explore their creative self. I really enjoy working with like-minded people. The staff here embodies the mission and has created an environment you can only find at One River,” says Stafford.

Having grown up with such an artistic family, Jonathan was always motivated to be part of an organization that combined social good with his passion for marketing. Some of his favorite artists include Tom Fruin, Guy Harvey, and Wyland. Outside of One River, Stafford likes to travel which led to him starting a destination-travel based Instagram account­– Freestyle Travelers. “I started this as a way to interact with people from all over and share places of interest, but also it allows me to share artists work and photos. It helps them grow their platform as well,” says Stafford.To date, he has racked up over 4,500 followers!

“Running this account allows me to learn and document new ways to interact with people on social media. Especially today, social media accounts say so much about a company or business. I get to take what I’m learning and implement that knowledge with the team at One River,” said Stafford.