Adult Digital Continuing Education

One River's Continuing Education Program prepares students with the appropriate technical skills and general operating knowledge necessary to work professionally in the fields of Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Online Marketing and Web Design.  Perfect for students who want to change careers, increase their capacity in their current field or just develop their skills for personal growth.  By developing practical and theoretical skills, our students acquire important concepts for today’s digital environment while developing a body of work that demonstrates their ability and creativity.  Upon graduation our students will become advanced in their chosen subject matter and will have new found capabilities across a variety of digital software, concepts and practical experience.


One River has built its Continuing Education Program over a two-year period that included extensive research into the best programs throughout New York and across the country.  It is our belief that lifelong creative learning is at the root and heart of all adults and our blend of innovative subject matter, curriculum, faculty and facility all provided close to home allows for a special student experience.

Students must complete a total of 6 eight-week courses, three of which are required and 3 electives that they can customize to their interests and needs.  Students are allowed 2 years to complete the program. 

Benefits of One River’s Program

  • Our instructors are industry leaders or teach at major universities

  • Small classes with individualized learning

  • Hands-on experience

  • Low cost program

  • Classes in the daytime, evening and weekends

  • State of the art iMac facility

  • Access to lecture classes

  • Flexible class choices that offer customized program options

  • Broad time frame to complete your program