August 7, 2017

Monday Thoughts: I Love Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform for me. I love it for sharing artwork and promoting artists that I am fond of. I also get to relay inspiring work that our students are making and celebrate the accomplishments of our teachers.

Twitter seems so negative…it also takes so long to read everything and stay up to date with people’s feeds…who has the damn time. I find that every time I log onto Twitter I wonder why I am wasting my time doing it.

That brings me to Facebook. It is the closest thing to a personal blog without having one. A great repository of all things…pics of your morning omelet, video of your kid’s jumpshot, a connection with a high school friend, and so on. It is the staple of all things you want to share and see but INSTAGRAM is just more cool and simple!

If you want to follow emerging art and see some cool objects…here’s my INSTAGRAM — mattross_oneriverschool and please share yours…

Matt Ross
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