July 24, 2017

Monday Thoughts: The Dog Days of Summer

Why do they call it dog days of summer? The term has its roots in Greek and Roman astrology which connected summer with “heat, drought, and sudden thunderstorms”. Guess what, they also referred to “lethargy, fever, bad luck and mad dogs!”

Because I am an old dog, I will take all the droughts, heat and thunderstorms knowing that I have a window before the ice, sleet and cold turn me into a mad dog. I also love to utilize summer to reset my goals and to think about a proverbial “7th inning stretch” for the calendar year.

Here’s the next level thought. I try to use my summer to think about the life / work balance thing we all struggle with and more specifically, “how do I find time to do things that inspire me emotionally”. For me, this means hobbies and reminding myself that reading great books, finding new great music and uncovering new visual artists is what excites me. It also means doing…playing my guitar, taking a new class and focusing on that creative side of my brain…the side that made life more fun when we were kids!!! I want more of that!!!

Ok, so we will never refer to it as the “dog days of summer” anymore. From this point forward it shall be known as the “personal reset window”. Assignment: take a week to make some goals for the balance of the year and add 1-2 things that are different and creative and maybe childlike…you will love me for it.

Matt Ross
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